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Madeleine P.H. Hamilton
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My name is Madeleine Hamilton and I am 16 years old.  I live in a rural town named Mudgee(Australia), and I have a brother and a sister.
In the year 2004 I went on exchange to Canada.
I left Australia on the 12th of January and stayed in Los Angeles for a week before I landed in Canada. In Calfornia I stayed with 32 other exchange students from New Zealand and Australia who were travelling to the USA and Canada.
After this week of visiting Disneyland, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Rodeo Drive etc, I left LA at 3am to catch my next flight. It took 6 planes to get from Australia to Canada with more than 24hrs flight time.
Once I got to Canada the temerature was around the -40' joke. Being an Australian and living in temperatures of around the high 30's I was having trouble breathing!
Anyway, I got used to it after maybe a month.
So now I am on my exchange.
I made this website for my friends back home in Oz. It includes some photos and things like that. I will try update it as frequently as possible!
Hope you all enjoy it all,
and maybe email me sometime!
I'll be back next January :)



Thanks for visting my site!