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Madeleine P.H. Hamilton
Me & Other Exchange Students
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I learnt that when you are on exchange, other exchange students are extremly important to you. I made many friends at the Camp in Los Angeles from Australia and New Zealand.
Fiona, Stephanie, Alesha, Sarah, Corrina, Maximillian (Germany), and Nathan are those who i have kept contact with and have helped me through the problems you come across while being an exchange student.
Being an exchange student is suprisingly hard and with friends such as the people above, things don't seem so bad, because you realise everyone else is going through the same thing!
So thanks guys and keep in contact!

Me & Alesha, at the St. Félicien Zoo...with raccoons in the background!

Fiona & I at the LA airport....

Me & Steph at the LA airport....

Max at the Cinema, with ELVIS!! haha

Me & Alesha at Alma's Cinema

Aussies RULE!
Alesha, Corrina, Sarah, Madeleine

Corrina & me on the Air Canada plane..trop petit!!

Aussie Chicks