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Madeleine P.H. Hamilton
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Home Sweet Home

23rd September 2004, I began my journey home.
I decided to end my exchange year 3 months early. Many things factored into my decision. But in the end it was a good decision.
It took me 2 days to arrive in Australia. I had stop overs in Chicago and San Fransisco. The flight was so much easier than when i first flew over. It seemed maybe half the time. I had an isle seat which probably made it feel that way.
As i was in the plane i was fortunate enough to see the most beautiful red sunset. It was almost like the darkness of the night was chasing us.. but we always seemed to far ahead of it to catch up with us. As i gazed at the stunning skyline i began to cry, out of happiness. I think it was because i finally had the guts to do what i wanted, leave. I was sad to leave but my tears were made from happiness, i just thought of all the good things i had experienced during my time in Los Angeles, Canada and Florida. The places i have been and the things i have done have truely influenced me to be someone more capable and mature. I don't regret going and i don't regret coming home.
Coming home was just something i had to do. Staying was making me bitter and if i came home i could begin to get on with my life. I had interviews for school and friends to catch up with.
When i landed in my home Country i was greeted by my sisiter, mother and uncle. It was the strangest moment. It was as if i had just come back from a long dream. They all looked as i had left them 9 months ago. I suppose i looked much the same too!
Driving home (4hrs) was the best feeling. Being in Australia again just made me smile. I love Australia. Being away makes you appreciate the little things a LOT more! You notice things you had never even thought about before.
Once i got home in good old mudgee, things had changed a little. Friends had grown up.. maybe a lot more as they were all in yr 11 now! It took a little for everyone to realise i hadn't changed as much as everyone thought i would have! After a few weeks things started getting normal. For me, hearing the Aussie language was fun! Just things people said that i hadn't heard in 9 months! It was great. I enjoyed being home.
Anyway, things are quite the same now. I reminise all the good times on my exchange and all my pals all over the world. I hope that i get the chance to travel again and see them all! I'm sure i will :)
My exchange is like a big dream now. I try to keep it alive.

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