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Madeleine P.H. Hamilton
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Mélanie et Kevin ma famille :)

Family is something that needs to come before everything else on an exchange.
I have moved once, and it wasn't a great experience. What i learnt from that experience was to follow your instincts. If you feel something is wrong, most likely it is. Also to notice signs. Now that i look back, I see those signs, to me they seem so obvious now, but back then i shut them out, thinking it was normal. But it wasn't.
Anyway, i survived the first 4 months at L'ascension and after this I changed families to where I am now, St. Nazaire. I am with my English teacher and his girlfriend. I am now having the time of my life, going places, speaking French and most of all having fun! I am very lucky to be with these people, and i am very grateful, that they had a big enough heart to host me for my remaining 8 months in Québec. Merci Beaucoup Kevin et Mélanie!


The mother and father of Kevin at my birthday party

Kevin, Moi et Mélanie à ma fête

Mélanie et moi faire le raquette


The Mother and Father of Mélanie at my birthday party